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Producing Videos

Mollison, Martha; Mollison, Martha

ISBN : 9781742370569

The Technique of Film and Video Editing

Dancyger, Ken

ISBN : 9780240813974

Not Available
Connecting with Law

Sanson, Michelle; Anthony, Thalia; Sanson, Michelle; Anthony, Thalia

ISBN : 9780195525052

Principles of Marketing

Armstrong, Gary; Adam, Stewart; Denize, Sara; Kotler, Philip

ISBN : 9781486002696

Management Accounting : Information for Managing and Creating Value 7th Edition

Thorne, Helen; Langfield-Smith, Kim; Smith, David; Hilton, Ronald W

ISBN : 9781743075906

Marine Biology

Huber, Michael E.; Castro, Peter

ISBN : 9780078023064

Corporate Finance

Jaffe, Jeffrey; Ross, Stephen A.; Westerfield, Randolph W; Jordan, Bradford D

ISBN : 9780077861759


Santrock, John W

ISBN : 9780078117183