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Australian Defence Force Academy

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Principles of Modeling and Simulation

Sokolowski, John A.; Sokolowski, John A.; Banks, Catherine M.; Banks, Catherine M.

ISBN : 9780470289433

Microeconomics (Australian Edition)

Perloff, Jeffrey; Smith, Rhonda; Round, David

ISBN : 9781442532830

Fundamentals of Weather and Climate

McIlveen, Robin; McIlveen, Robin

ISBN : 9780199215423

An Introduction to Geographical Information Systems

Heywood, Ian; Cornelius, Sarah; Carver, Steve

ISBN : 9780273722595

Essential Mathematical Skills

Barry, S; Barry, S; Davis, S; Davis, S

ISBN : 9781921410338

Calculus: Single and Multivariable

Deborah Hughes-Hallett

ISBN : 9780470888612