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Australian Institute of Business

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Leadership: Enhancing the Lessons of Experience

Ginnett, Robert C.; Hughes, Richard L; Curphy, Gordon J

ISBN : 9780077862404

Human Resource Management

Gerhart, Barry; Noe, Raymond Andrew; Hollenbeck, John R.; Wright, Patrick M.

ISBN : 9780078112768

New Products Management

Crawford, C. Merle; Di Benedetto, C. Anthony

ISBN : 9780078029042

Franchising: Pathway to Wealth Creation (paperback)

Spinelli, Stephen; Rosenberg, Robert; Birley, Sue

ISBN : 9780768682069

Entrepreneurship: Theory, Process, Practice

Donald F Kuratko (University in Bloomington, USA)

ISBN : 9781285051758

Not Available
Supply Chain Logistics Management

Cooper, M. Bixby; Bowersox, Donald; Closs, David

ISBN : 9780078024054

Contemporary Accounting

Phil Hancock (University of Western Australia)

ISBN : 9780170223294