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Strategic Staffing, Global Edition

Course Codes : EHR203, 2009EHR, 320OS, MGNT969

Strategic Staffing, Global Edition

ISBN 9781292073491
Edition 3
Publication Date
Publisher P&C Business

Map out a plan for the material. To help students and instructors cover the material in an order that’s conducive to learning, this text is organised into four sections:

The Staffing Context Planning, Sourcing, and Recruiting Selecting Managing the Staffing System

Help students identify the most important concepts:

Learning Objectives are provided at the beginning of every chapter to prepare students for the key concepts within the reading. Chapter-opening Vignettes describe a staffing challenge faced by a real organisation. By the end of the chapter, the vignette concludes and exposes the relevant staffing concepts covered within the chapter.

Provide students with the opportunity to check understanding: Chapter-ending material.

Case Study—A brief study at the end of every chapter encourages students to think critically about the issues posed within the case and how they relate to the chapter’s material. These cases are a great way to spark in-class discussion. Three Interactive Exercises—Bring the chapter concepts to life with these end-of-chapter interactive exercises. One exercise is tied to the opening vignette, one is linked to the chapter’s Develop Your Skills feature, and one integrates the chapter’s staffing concepts with business strategy.

Expose the big picture:

Book-long Active Learning Project—Applies the breadth of the text’s material to a specific job in an organisation. The project develops strategic staffing skills in addition to developing tacit knowledge about the strategic staffing process.  Readers apply the material and develop their staffing skills by working on a book-long case and completing assignments at the end of each chapter, and by viewing and rating videos of candidates in structured and unstructured employment interviews.   Book-long Case Study—Contained in the appendix, this feature provides the experience of evaluating the staffing strategy and staffing system for sales associates in a hypothetical high-end retail store called Chern’s. Through this study, students can practice planning, budgeting, and evaluating the return on investment on staffing choices. Online videos accompany the case and provide experience creating an assessment plan, scoring job interviews, and making a hiring decision from among eight candidates.


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