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Contemporary Management

Course Codes : MGMT1003

Contemporary Management

ISBN 9781743761045
Edition 4
Publication Date
Publisher Mcgraw Hill

Contemporary Management is an integrated print and digital resource thatenables different approaches to teaching and learning. Be it a traditionalface-to-face delivery in a brick-and mortar classroom, blended, flipped orfully online mode, ContemporaryManagement can improve student engagement bypresenting management concepts and their applications in multiple formats thatcater to different types of learning and course delivery.

ContemporaryManagement has a modern, people-orientedapproach. The authors explore the ‘art and science’ of
management and show the range of managerialcontexts and settings. It has been updated to include new cases and examplesfrom well-known companies and brands to which undergraduate students can relate.

This new edition provides more opportunities forstudents to think critically about management ideas and includes new vignetteson the ethical implications of management ideas and practices. Substantialrevisions and updates have also been made to cater to the changing needs ofmanagement instructors and students.

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