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Blue Mountains Hotel School

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Project Management: A Managerial Approach

Jack R Meredith

ISBN : 9780470533024

 ACCT3 Financial with Online Study Tools 12 months

Jonathan Tyler, Norman Godwin and C. Wayne Alderman

ISBN : 9780170416856

Business Research Methods

Christina Quinlan

ISBN : 9781408007792

Managing Front Office Operations

Michael L Kasavana

ISBN : 9780866123389

Not Available
Multinational Management: A Strategic Approach

John B Cullen (Washington State University USA)

ISBN : 9781285094946

Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry

Hayes, David K.; Hayes, David K.; Miller, Allisha; Miller, Allisha

ISBN : 9780470393086

SE Survey ECON 2

Robert L. Sexton

ISBN : 9781285087306

Hospitality Strategic Management

Enz, Cathy A.; Enz, Cathy A.

ISBN : 9780470083598

Global Business

Mike W Peng

ISBN : 9781133485933