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Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering

Course Codes : ENG341, ENSC3019, CHEE3741, CHEE2315, ENG248

Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering

ISBN 9780072848236
Edition 7
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw Hill Higher Education

Section 1 Introduction 1 Definitions and Principles

Section 2 Fluid Mechanics 2 Fluid Statics and Its Applications 3 Fluid Flow Phenomena 4 Basic Equations of Fluid Flow 5 Incompressible Flow in Pipes and Channels 6 Flow of Compressible Fluids 7 Flow past Immersed Objects 8 Transportation and Metering of Fluids 9 Agitation and Mixing of Liquids

Section 3 Heat Transfer and Its Applications 10 Heat Transfer by Conduction 11 Principles of Heat Flow in Fluids 12 Heat Transfer to Fluids without Phase Change 13 Heat Transfer to Fluids with Phase Change 14 Radiation Heat Transfer 15 Heat-Exchange Equipment 16 Evaporation

Section 4 Mass Transfer and Its Applications 17 Principles of Diffusion and Mass Transfer between Phases 18 Gas Absorption 19 Humidification Operations 20 Equilibrium-Stage Operations 21 Distillation 22 Introduction to Multicomponent Distillation 23 Leaching and Extraction 24 Drying of Solids 25 Fixed-Bed Separatons 26 Membrane Separation Processes 27 Crystallization

Section 5 Operations Involving Particulate Solids 28 Properties and Handling of Particulate Solids 29 Mechanical Separations Appendix 1 Conversion Factors and Constants of Nature Appendix 2 Dimensionless Groups Appendix 3 Dimensions, Capacities, and Weights of Standard Steel Pipe Appendix 4 Condenser and Heat-Exchanger Tube Data Appendix 5 Tyler Standard Screen Scale Appendix 6 Properties of Liquid Water Appendix 7 Properties of Saturated Steam and Water Appendix 8 Viscosities of Gases Appendix 9 Viscosities of Liquids Appendix 10 Thermal Conductivities of Metals Appendix 11 Thermal Conductivities of Various Solids and Insulating Materials Appendix 12 Thermal Conductivities of Gases and Vapors Appendix 13 Thermal Conductivities of Liquids Other Than Water Appendix 14 Specific Heats of Gases Appendix 15 Specific Heats of Liquids Appendix 16 Prandtl Numbers for Gases at 1 atm and 100C Appendix 17 Prandtl Numbers for Liquids Appendix 18 Diffusivities and Schmidt Numbers for Gases in Air at 0c and 1 atm Appendix 19 Collision Integral and Lennard-Jones Force Constants

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