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Essentials Of Conservation Biology

Course Codes : BIO216, BIO416

Essentials Of Conservation Biology

ISBN 9781605352893
Edition 6
Publication Date
Publisher Sinauer Associates Inc.,U.S.
Combines theory and applied and basic research to explain the connections between conservation biology and ecology, climate change biology, the protection of endangered species, protected area management, environmental economics, and sustainable development.Designed for use in conservation biology courses, Essentials of Conservation Biology, Sixth Edition also serves as a supplemental text for general biology, ecology, wildlife biology, and environmental policy courses. A major theme throughout the book is the active role that scientists, local people, the general public, conservation organisations, and governments can play in protecting biodiversity, even while providing for human needs.New to This Edition Coverage of the latest information available on a number of topics, including the expanding system of marine protected areas and linkages between conservation and global change.New approaches culled from the recent literature—on topics such as citizen science, aerial drones in conservation management, the economic value of wild pollinators, the use of environmental DNA (eDNA) in aquatic environments, and payments for ecosystem services—are highlighted.The full-colour illustration program has been updated.Major points from the text have been highlighted as sidebars and serve as useful study aids.

Due Date 30/06/2019

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