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Griffith University

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Microeconomics, Global Edition

Pindyck, Robert; Rubinfeld, Daniel

ISBN : 9781292213316

The Australian Policy Handbook: A practical guide to the policy making process

Althaus, Catherine; Althaus, Catherine; Bridgman, Peter; Bridgman, Peter; Davis, Glyn; Davis, Glyn

ISBN : 9781760294380

Australian Master Financial Planning Guide 2017/18

Editors, CCH; Editors, CCH

ISBN : 9781925554069

Not Available
Horngren's Cost Accounting: A Managerial Emphasis

Horngren, Charles; Datar, Srikant, M.; Rajan, Madhav, V.; Maguire, William; Tan, Rebecca

ISBN : 9781488612640

The Little Pearson Handbook

Faigley, Lester; Carey, Michael; Munoz, Gabriella

ISBN : 9781488616846

Clinical Reasoning

Levett-Jones, Tracy

ISBN : 9781488616396

Tourism: The Business of Hospitality and Travel, Global Edition

Cook, Roy, A.; Hsu, Cathy, H. C.; Taylor, Lorraine, L.

ISBN : 9781292221670