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Digital Control System Analysis & Design, Global Edition

Course Codes : ELE4DCT

Digital Control System Analysis & Design, Global Edition

ISBN 9781292061221
Edition 4
Publication Date
Publisher P&C ECS

Provide MATLAB programs to students

The text integrates key MATLAB concepts throughout the book. Numerous MATLAB examples and problems help students practice. 


Motivate students with running applications that are featured throughout the book

Simple physical systems are introduced in chapter one and then seamlessly woven through the text to help illustrate advanced material. Applications include: control of a satellite, antenna tracking and pointing systems, robotic control system, and a temperature control system.


Reinforce core concepts with examples and problems

Over 400 problems and 130 worked examples give students plenty of opportunities to practice and retain information. Care has been taken to provide in-depth coverage of the root-lotus design method. Students increase their ability to learn by the text’s Verification of Results. Verification of work is generally modeled in most examples and used to train students in what will be an important requirement as a practicing engineer. Dynamic descriptions of the Mason’s grain formula engage students. Review of the Fourier Transform aids in the student understanding the effects of sampling a signal.

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