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La Trobe University

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Australian Corporate Law, 6th Edition

Harris, J; Hargovan, A; Adams, M

ISBN : 9780409347586


Davies, M; Malkin, I

ISBN : 9780409344967

Principles of Australian Contract Law, 4th edition

Radan, P; Radan, P; Gooley, J; Gooley, J; Vickovich, I; Vickovich, I

ISBN : 9780409345438

Education in the Arts

Sinclair, Christine

ISBN : 9780195527940

Principles of Civil Litigation 3e

David Bamford, Mark Rankin, David Bamford, Mark Rankin, David Bamford

ISBN : 9780455239071

Legal Institutions and Methods

Anita Mackay and Pascale Chifflet

ISBN : 9780455240770