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Environmental Law in Australia

ISBN 9780409332070
Edition 8 ed
Publication Date
Publisher Butterworths
Environmental Law in Australia provides a clear and authoritative discussion of the fundamental principles underpinning all environmental initiatives. The author explains how the involvement of the law adds value to the design and implementation of environmental policy, providing an impartial process for resolving conflicts about breaches of the law and environmental decision-making. The eighth edition has been fully revised and extensively updated to cover all relevant new developments in policy, case law and legislation, including: expansion of Part B 'Protection of Biodiversity' into three chapters; new commentary on key areas of mining, water, fisheries, coastal management; expanded discussion on natural resources, including the Clean Energy package; waste section updated to take account of product stewardship; chapters on environmental planning updated to take into account new strategic planning initiatives and changes to state significant development processes; updated commentary on compensation, sustainable development and criminal and civil litigation to take account of recent case-law The book is designed for undergraduate and postgraduate students of law, environmental science, environmental management and environmental economic disciplines, enabling readers to approach any environmental law with a clear understanding of how it is intended to work and how it will be interpreted. It is also a valuable resource for non-government organisations, public servants, corporate officers and other practitioners.

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