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Macquarie University

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The Historical Novel

De Groot, Jerome

ISBN : 9780415426626

Norton Shakespeare 3E International Student Edition

Greenblatt, Stephen; Greenblatt, Stephen

ISBN : 9780393263121

 A Brief History of Chinese Civilization

Miranda Brown and Conrad Schirokauer

ISBN : 9780495913238

An Introduction to Metaphysics

Carroll, John W.; Carroll, John W.; Carroll, John W.; Markosian, Ned; Markosian, Ned; Markosian, Ned

ISBN : 9780521533683

Treatment of Language Disorders in Children 2ed

McCauley, Rebecca; Fey, Marc; Gillam, Ronald

ISBN : 9781598579796

An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

Patrick, Graham; Patrick, Graham

ISBN : 9780198749691

How Writing Works

Petelin, Roslyn

ISBN : 9781925266917