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Macquarie University

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Matthias Seidel

ISBN : 9783833160004


Cynthia Coleman, Geoffrey Hart, Brett Bondfield, Margaret McKerchar, John McLaren, Kerrie Sadiq, Antony Ting

ISBN : 9780864607836

Demographic Methods and Concepts

Rowland, Donald T.; Rowland, Donald T.

ISBN : 9780198752639

Business Driven Information Systems

Blakey, Peter; Lynch, Kathy; Baltzan, Paige

ISBN : 9781743070550

Children, Families and Communities

Bowes, Jennifer; Bowes, Jennifer; Grace, Rebekah; Grace, Rebekah; Hodge, Kerry; Hodge, Kerry

ISBN : 9780195576740

Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems

Alciatore, David G.

ISBN : 9780073380230

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