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China in Transformation

Course Codes : PAC13, PAC23

China in Transformation

ISBN 9781405840583
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher Longman

PART ONE: INTRODUCTION.  1. Introduction, Framework and Definitions.  2. Nineteenth-Century Background.  PART TWO: CHINA IN TRANSFORMATION, CHRONOLOGICAL TREATMENT.  3. The End of the Qing Period, 1900-11.  4. The Revolution of Sun Yat-sen.  5. Warlords, New Culture, 1916-28.  6. The Nationalist Movement and Revolution.  7. The Nanjing Decade, 1927-37.  8. The Chinese Communist Party.  9. The War against Japan  10. Post-War China, The Civil War.  PART THREE: THEMES OF CHANGE.  11. Aspects of Society: Family and Women, Religion and Secular Ideology.  12. Education and the Student Movement.  13. Literature and Theatre.  PART FOUR: CONCLUSION.  14. Conclusion and Evaluation.  PART FIVE: DOCUMENTS.




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