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MWF10661 - Midwifery Foundations

Southern Cross University ; MWF10661 - Midwifery Foundations

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Midwifery Essentials 2E V1: Basics

Helen Baston, BA(Hons), MMedSci, PhD, PGDipEd, ADM, RN, RM and Jenny Hall, EdD MSc RN RM ADM PGDip(HE) SFHEA

ISBN : 9780702070976

The Little Pearson Handbook

Faigley, Lester; Carey, Michael; Munoz, Gabriella

ISBN : 9781488616846

Midwifery Essentials

Joanne Gray; Rachel Smith

ISBN : 9780729542760

Illustrated Dictionary of Midwifery

Joanne Gray; Rachel Smith; Caroline Homer

ISBN : 9780729542784