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Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

Course Codes : ECON2224, 23570, ENST90017

Environmental and Natural Resource Economics

ISBN 9781292060798
Edition 10
Publication Date
Publisher P&C Business

1. Visions of the Future  

2. The Economic Approach: Property Rights, Externalities, and Environmental Problems  

3. Evaluating Trade-Offs: Benefit-Cost Analysis and Other Decision-Making Metrics 

4. Valuing the Environment: Methods 

5. Dynamic Efficiency and Sustainable Development 

6. Depletable Resource Allocation: The Role of Longer Time Horizons, Substitutes, and Extraction Cost 

7. Energy: The Transition from Depletable to Renewable Resources 

8. Recyclable Resources: Minerals, Paper, Bottles, and E-Waste 

9. Water: A Confluence of Renewable and Depletable Resources 

10. A Locationally Fixed, Multipurpose Resource: Land  

11. Storable, Renewable Resources: Forests 

12. Common-Pool Resources: Commercially Valuable Fisheries  

13. Ecosystem Goods and Services: Nature's Threatened Bounty 

14. Economics of Pollution Control: An Overview 

15. Stationary-Source Local and Regional Air Pollution  

16. Climate Change  

17. Mobile-Source Air Pollution 

18. Water Pollution  

19. Toxic Substances and Environmental Justice 

20. The Quest for Sustainable Development 

 21. Visions of the Future Revisited

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