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University of Melbourne

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Kim, Jasper

ISBN : 9780815361954

Second Language Pragmatics

Taguchi, Naoko; Roever, Carsten

ISBN : 9780194200585

Marketing Metrics: The Manager's Guide to Measuring Marketing Performance

Farris, Paul; Bendle, Neil; Pfeifer, Phillip; Reibstein, David

ISBN : 9780134085968

Philosophy of Science

Cover, J. A.; Cover, J. A.; Curd, Martin; Curd, Martin; Pincock, Christopher; Pincock, Christopher

ISBN : 9780393919035

Ethical Theory

Shafer-Landau, Russ; Shafer-Landau, Russ

ISBN : 9780470671603

Modern Philosophy

Ariew, Roger; Ariew, Roger; Watkins, Eric; Watkins, Eric

ISBN : 9780872209787

Classical Mechanics: Pearson New International Edition

Goldstein, Herbert; Poole, Charles, P.; Safko, John, L.

ISBN : 9781292026558

Nuclear and Particle Physics

Martin, Brian R.; Martin, Brian R.

ISBN : 9780470742754

Social Psychology

Smith, Eliot R.; Mackie, Diane M.; Claypool, Heather M.

ISBN : 9781848728943

Llfespan Development

Hoffnung, Michele

ISBN : 9780730314707