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LAW480 - Advanced Research, Writing and Advocacy

University of New England LAW480 - Advanced Research, Writing and Advocacy

9 Item(s)

Plain Language for Lawyers

Asprey, Michele M

ISBN : 9781862877757

How to Moot

Snape, John; Snape, John; Watt, Gary; Watt, Gary

ISBN : 9780199571673

Practical Legal Skills

Hyams, Ross; Hyams, Ross; Campbell, Susan; Campbell, Susan; Evans, Adrian; Evans, Adrian

ISBN : 9780195529999

A Practical Guide to Legal Research 3e

Jay Sanderson, Kim Kelly

ISBN : 9780455232447

Nemes and Coss’ Effective Legal Research, 6th edition

Bott, B; Bott, B; Talbot-Stokes, R; Talbot-Stokes, R

ISBN : 9780409339208