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University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales UNSW

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Training in Australia

Lawlor, Diane; Tovey, Michael

ISBN : 9781442539020

Diversity and Inclusion in Australian Schools

Hyde, Mervyn; Carpenter, Lorelei; Conway, Robert

ISBN : 9780195558838

Chinese Commercial Legal System

Patricia Blazey, Kay-Wah Chan

ISBN : 9780455224961

Comm Law of People's Republic of China

Patricia Blazey, Kay-Wah Chan

ISBN : 9780455228266

Critical Thinking: A Student's Introduction

Bassham, Gregory; Wallace, James M.; Irwin, William; Nardone, Henry

ISBN : 9780078038310

Australian Political Institutions

Singleton, Gwynneth; Aitkin, Don; Jinks, Brian; Warhurst, John

ISBN : 9781442559455

Australian Public Law

Reilly, Alexander; Appleby, Gabrielle; Grenfell, Laura; Lacey, Wendy

ISBN : 9780195572292

International Law

Malcolm N. Shaw

ISBN : 9780521728140