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University of New South Wales

University of New South Wales UNSW

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Inorganic Chemistry

Housecroft, Catherine E. & Sharpe, Alan G.

ISBN : 9781292134147

Fennema's Food Chemistry

Damodaran, Srinivasan; Parkin, Kirk L.

ISBN : 9781482208122

An Introduction to Medicinal Chemistry

Patrick, Graham; Patrick, Graham

ISBN : 9780198749691

Basic Business Statistics + MyLab Math with eText

Berenson, Mark; Levine, David; Szabat, Kathryn; O'Brien, Martin; Watson, Judith; Jayne, Nicola

ISBN : 9781488608834

Cognitive Psychology and Instruction

Bruning, Roger, H.; Schraw, Gregory, J.; Norby, Monica, M.

ISBN : 9780132368971

 Functional Assessment and Program Development for Problem Behavior : A  Practical Handbook

Robert O'Neill, Robert Horner, Richard Albin, Keith Storey and Jeffrey R. Sprague

ISBN : 9781285734828