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University of Newcastle

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Microelectronic Circuits

S. Sedra, Adel; C. Smith, Kenneth

ISBN : 9780199738519

Not Available
The Law of Work

Owens, Rosemary; Owens, Rosemary; Riley, Joellen; Riley, Joellen; Murray, Jill; Murray, Jill

ISBN : 9780195568813

Principles of Econometrics

Hill, R. Carter; Hill, R. Carter

ISBN : 9780470626733

Experiments in Ecology

Underwood, A. J.; Underwood, A. J.; Underwood, A. J.

ISBN : 9780521556965

Managing Diversity in Australia: Theory & Practice

Strachan, Glenda; French, Erica; Burgess, John

ISBN : 9780070146273

Ethics, Technology, and Engineering

van de Poel, Ibo; van de Poel, Ibo; Royakkers, Lamb¿r; Royakkers, Lamb¿r

ISBN : 9781444330953

Linguistics - An Introduction

McGregor, William B.

ISBN : 9781847063670