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University of Notre Dame

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Strategic HRM: Contemporary Issues in the Asia Pacific Region

Julia Connell

ISBN : 9780734610805

Essential Maths

Morris, C.

ISBN : 9781403916105

Consumer Behavior

Roger D. Blackwell

ISBN : 9780170129770

Health Psychology

Caltabiano, Marie Louise

ISBN : 9780470813454

Action Research in Education

Ernie Stringer

ISBN : 9780132255189

Teaching Language in Context

Derewianka, Beverly; Jones, Pauline

ISBN : 9780195575330

Western Civilizations

Cole, Joshua; Symes, Carol; Coffin, Judith; Stacey, Robert

ISBN : 9780393934878

General Practice Psychiatry

Blashki, Grant; Piterman, Leon; Judd, Fiona

ISBN : 9780074713518