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University of Queensland

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 Exploring Marketing Research (with Qualtrics Printed Access Card and  DVD)

William G Zikmund (Oklahoma State Univ. Oklahoma State University Oklahoma State University)

ISBN : 9780324788440

Power System Analysis

Hadi Saadat

ISBN : 9780984543809

Not Available
Principles of Criminal Law 3rd Ed.

Simon Bronitt, Bernadette McSherry

ISBN : 9780455226125

Preservation and Restoration of Tooth Structure

Graham J. Mount

ISBN : 9781920824747

Environmental Economics

Kolstad, Charles D.; Kolstad, Charles D.

ISBN : 9780199732647

Readings in Political Economy: Economics as a Social Science

George Argyrous

ISBN : 9780734611437

Learning to Teach in Higher Education

Ramsden, Paul; Ramsden, Paul

ISBN : 9780415303453