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MEDI4015 - Specialties II

University of Queensland ; MEDI4015 - Specialties II

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Vaughan & Asbury's General Ophthalmology, 18th Edition

Riordan-Eva, Paul; Cunningham, Emmett T.

ISBN : 9780071634205

ABC of Eyes

Khaw, Peng T.; Khaw, Peng T.; Shah, Peter; Shah, Peter; Elkington, Andrew R.; Elkington, Andrew R.

ISBN : 9780727916594

Churchill's Pocketbook of Anaesthesia

Dr. Michael H. Nathanson

ISBN : 9780443070266

Essential Guide to Acute Care

Cooper, Nicola; Cooper, Nicola; Forrest, Kirsty; Forrest, Kirsty; Cramp, Paul; Cramp, Paul

ISBN : 9781405139724