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University of Sydney

University of Sydney USYD

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Structural Mechanics

Tim Wilkinson

ISBN : 9780733989971

Applied Statistics and the SAS Programming Language

Cody, Ron, P.; Smith, Jeffrey, K.

ISBN : 9780131465329

Econometric Theory and Methods

Davidson, Russell; MacKinnon, James G.; Davidson, Russell; MacKinnon, James G.

ISBN : 9780195123722

Imagination, Innovation, Creativity: Re-Visioning English in Education

J. etal Manuel

ISBN : 9781921586194

Learning to Teach in Higher Education

Ramsden, Paul; Ramsden, Paul

ISBN : 9780415303453

Communication Systems Engineering

Proakis, John, G.; Salehi, Masoud

ISBN : 9780130617934

Fiber-Optic Communication Systems

Agrawal, Govind P.; Agrawal, Govind P.

ISBN : 9780470505113

Studying Public Policy

Howlett, Michael; Ramesh, M.; Perl, Anthony; Howlett, Michael; Ramesh, M.; Perl, Anthony

ISBN : 9780195428025