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University of Sydney

University of Sydney USYD

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Learning to Teach in Higher Education

Ramsden, Paul; Ramsden, Paul

ISBN : 9780415303453

Understanding Learning And Teaching

Prosser, Michael; Trigwell, Keith

ISBN : 9780335198313

Fundamentals of Digital Signal Processing

Joyce Van De Vegte

ISBN : 9780130160775

Communication Systems

A.Bruce Carlson

ISBN : 9780071210287

Communication Systems Engineering

Proakis, John, G.; Salehi, Masoud

ISBN : 9780130617934

Computer-Controlled Systems: Theory and Design: United States Edition

Karl Johan Astrom

ISBN : 9780133148992

The Wireless Mobile Internet

Jamalipour, Abbas; Jamalipour, Abbas

ISBN : 9780470844687