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University of Sydney

University of Sydney USYD

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Fiber-Optic Communication Systems

Agrawal, Govind P.; Agrawal, Govind P.

ISBN : 9780470505113

Handbook of Rocks, Minerals, and Gemstones

Walter Schumann

ISBN : 9780395511374

Introduction to Ore-Forming Processes

Robb, Laurence; Robb, Laurence

ISBN : 9780632063789

Studying Public Policy

Howlett, Michael; Howlett, Michael; Ramesh, M.; Ramesh, M.; Perl, Anthony; Perl, Anthony

ISBN : 9780195428025

The Politics of Crisis Management: Public Leadership Under Pressure

Arjen Boin (Professor, Rijksuniversiteit Leiden, The Netherlands)

ISBN : 9780521607339

Bundle: Allerlei Zum Lesen, 2nd + in-Text Audio CD-ROM

Herman Teichert

ISBN : 9780618583362

An Introduction to Science and Technology Studies

Sismondo, Sergio; Sismondo, Sergio

ISBN : 9781405187657

Histological and Histochemical Methods: Theory and Practice

John A. Kiernan

ISBN : 9781904842422