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University of Sydney

University of Sydney USYD

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The Media and Communications in Australia

Cunningham, Stuart; Turnbull, Sue

ISBN : 9781743311639

Reporting in a Multimedia World

Alysen, Barbara; Oakham, Mandy; Patching, Roger; Sedorkin, Gail

ISBN : 9781742374338

An Introduction to Public Relations and Communication Management

Chia, Joy; Synnott, Gae; Chia, Joy; Synnott, Gae

ISBN : 9780195578607

New Media

Flew, Terry; Flew, Terry

ISBN : 9780195577853

Measure What Matters

Delahaye Paine, Katie; Delahaye Paine, Katie

ISBN : 9780470920107

Merchants of Culture

Thompson, John B.; Thompson, John B.

ISBN : 9780745661063

Services Marketing

Lovelock, Christopher; Patterson, Paul; Wirtz, Jochen

ISBN : 9781486002702

The Essentials of Marketing Research

Silver, Lawrence ; Stevens, Robert E.; Wrenn, Bruce; Loudon, David L.

ISBN : 9780415899284

Lewis's Medial Surgical Nursing ANZ 4th edition

Brown, Edwards, Lord Buckley, Seaton

ISBN : 9780729541770