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University of Sydney

University of Sydney USYD

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Private International Law in Australia, 4th edition

Mortensen, R; Mortensen, R; Garnett, R; Garnett, R; Keyes, M; Keyes, M

ISBN : 9780409348279

Multimedia Foundations

Costello, Vic

ISBN : 9780415740036

Rethinking Economics

Fischer, Liliann

ISBN : 9781138222687

Social Media Communication

Lipschultz, Jeremy Harris

ISBN : 9781138229778

The Psychology of Influence

Pligt, Joop van der; Vliek, Michael

ISBN : 9781138655393

Criminology: The Basics

Walklate, Sandra

ISBN : 9781138803442


Callister, William D.; Callister, William D.; Rethwisch, David G.; Rethwisch, David G.

ISBN : 9781119563334