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University of Sydney

University of Sydney USYD

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Understanding Company Law 20e

Abe Herzberg, Phillip Lipton, Michelle Welsh

ISBN : 9780455243627

Networks, Crowds, and Markets

Easley, David; Easley, David; Easley, David; Kleinberg, Jon; Kleinberg, Jon; Kleinberg, Jon

ISBN : 9780521195331

Machiavelli: The Prince

Machiavelli, Niccolo; Skinner, Quentin; Price, Russell

ISBN : 9780521349932


Andrew Robertson, Jeannie Paterson

ISBN : 9780455243085


Andrew Robertson, Jeannie Paterson

ISBN : 9780455243948

Financial Reporting Handbook 2020 Australia

CAANZ (Chartered Accountants Australia & New Zealand)

ISBN : 9780730384373