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Music in Theory and Practice Volume 2

Course Codes : FCP202

Music in Theory and Practice Volume 2

ISBN 9780077493325
Edition 9
Publication Date
Publisher McGraw Hill Higher Education

Part A: The Renaissance And Baroque Periods

Chp. 1: Late Renaissance Polyphony Chp. 2: Two-Voice Eighteenth Century Counterpoint Chp. 3: The Fugue

Part B: Chromatic Harmony

Chp. 4: Borrowed Chords Chp. 5: Neapolitan 6th Chords Chp. 6: Augmented 6th Chords

Part C: The Classical Period (1750-1825

Chp. 7: Variation Technique Chp. 8: Sonata Form Chp. 9: Rondo Forms

Part D: Extended And Chromatic Harmony Chp. 10: 9th,11th, and 13th Chords Chp. 11: Altered Dominants Chp. 12: Chromatic Mediants

Part E: The Nineteenth And Twentieth Centuries Chp. 13: The Romantic Period (1825-1900) Chp. 14: The Post-Romantic Style Chp. 15: Impressionism and Related Styles Chp. 16: The Early Twentieth Century Chp. 17: Pitch-Class Set Theory Chp. 18: Twelve-Tone Technique Postlude: Music Since 1945 Appendixes Glossary Credits Index

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