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University of Western Australia

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Integrated Business Processes with ERP Systems

Magal, Simha R.; Magal, Simha R.; Word, Jeffrey; Word, Jeffrey

ISBN : 9780470478448

Elements of Chemical Reaction Engineering: International Edition

H. Scott Fogler

ISBN : 9780131278394

Engineering and Chemical Thermodynamics

Koretsky, Milo D.; Koretsky, Milo D.

ISBN : 9780470259610

Criminal Codes: Comm&Materials 6th Ed

Thomas Crofts, Kelley Burton

ISBN : 9780455227054

Educational Psychology

Anita Woolfolk

ISBN : 9781442549951

Microeconomics:Global Edition

Jeffrey Perloff

ISBN : 9780273754602

Advanced Microeconomic Theory

Jehle, Geoffrey, A.; Reny, Philip, J.

ISBN : 9780273731917

Thomas' Calculus: Global Edition

George B. Thomas, Jr.

ISBN : 9780321643636

Multivariate Data Analysis: Global Edition

Prof Joseph F. Hair, Jr.

ISBN : 9780135153093