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Uniform Evidence Law

Course Codes : MLL334, 200015

Uniform Evidence Law

ISBN 9781925215915
Edition 2
Publication Date
Publisher Oxford Uni Press
Uniform Evidence Law: Principles and Practice was previously published by CCH Australia.This second edition of Uniform Evidence Law: Principles and Practice is an invaluable reference for students of evidence law and litigation practitioners. It provides a succinct, clear and comprehensive statement and analysis of the Uniform Evidence Law as at November 2014.The book provides an overarching and detailed analysis of the law of evidence applicable in those jurisdictions that have adopted the model Uniform Evidence Law: the Commonwealth, New South Wales, Tasmania, Victoria, Australian Capital Territory and now, since 2012, the Northern Territory.Students will gain invaluable insight from the authors who analyse the Uniform Evidence Law by reference to its history, its underlying policy and its operation in practice. Explanations and evaluations of the principles on which the law is based, identification of its often-conflicting rationales, and suggestions for how it might be made more principled and coherent will prove extremely helpful for students.New to this editionThis second edition reflects significant updates, given the continued evolution of the Uniform Evidence Act. Changes to the Act reflected in this edition include:its introduction in the Northern Territorythe modification of the right to silence in the New South Wales Actthe addition of a journalists’ privilege in New South Wales and Victoria, andthe emergence of some further differences in the interpretation and application of tendency and coincidence evidence between the states.

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