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University of Wollongong

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Managing for Quality and Performance Excellence

James R Evans (Moore, Oklahoma, USA University of Cincinnati University of Cincinnati University of ...

ISBN : 9780324783209

Marketing Research : Asia Pacific Edition 2nd Edition

William G. Zikmund

ISBN : 9780170183345

Not Available
Reinforced Concrete Basics (Pearson Original Edition)

Foster, S., J.; Kilpatrick, A., E; Warner, R., F.

ISBN : 9781442538450

Labour Law

Breen Creighton

ISBN : 9781862877788

Managing and Organizations: An Introduction to Theory and Practice

Martin Kornberger

ISBN : 9780857020413

Strategic Communication: Principles and Practice

James Mahoney

ISBN : 9780195576894

Supply Chain Management: Global Edition

Sunil Chopra

ISBN : 9780273765226

Principles of Remedies

Wayne Covell

ISBN : 9780409330953

OB: The Essentials

Robbins, Stephen P. ; Judge, Timothy A.; Millett, Bruce; Jones, Michael

ISBN : 9781442500464

Contemporary Logistics: International Edition

Paul R. Murphy

ISBN : 9780132479035