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Lasers and Mass Spectrometry

Lubman, David M.; Lubman, David M.

ISBN : 9780195059298

Apprenticeship in Thinking

Rogoff, Barbara; Rogoff, Barbara

ISBN : 9780195059731

Essence of Creativity

Kim, Steven; Kim, Steven

ISBN : 9780195060171

Fluid Dynamics for the Study of Transonic Flow

Ramm, Heinrich J.; Ramm, Heinrich J.

ISBN : 9780195060973

Harlem Renaissance

Huggins, Nathan Irvin; Huggins, Nathan Irvin

ISBN : 9780195063363

Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl

Jacobs, Harriet; Jacobs, Harriet

ISBN : 9780195066708

Principles and Parameters of Syntactic Saturation

Webelhuth, Gert; Webelhuth, Gert

ISBN : 9780195070415

Business As a Humanity

Donaldson, Thomas; Freeman, R. Edward; Donaldson, Thomas; Freeman, R. Edward

ISBN : 9780195071566

International Public Finance

Mendez, Ruben P.; Mendez, Ruben P.

ISBN : 9780195071955

The Jew in the Modern World

Mendes-Flohr, Paul; Reinharz, Jehuda; Mendes-Flohr, Paul; Reinharz, Jehuda

ISBN : 9780195074536

Workbook of Epidemiology

Norell, Staffan E.; Norell, Staffan E.

ISBN : 9780195074918

Virtual Environments

Barfield, Woodrow; Furness, Thomas A.; Barfield, Woodrow; Furness, Thomas A.

ISBN : 9780195075557