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Strategic Management: Creating Competitive Advantages

Dess, Gregory G; Mcnamara, Gerry; Eisner, Alan

ISBN : 9781259303500

International Business

Geringer, Michael; Mcnett, Jeanne M.; Minor, Michael S; Ball, Donald A

ISBN : 9781259317224

Living with Art

Getlein, Mark

ISBN : 9780073379319

Consumer Behavior: Building Marketing Strategy

Mothersbaugh, David L; Hawkins, Delbert I

ISBN : 9781259232541

Pharmacology: An Introduction

Hitner, Henry; Nagle, Barbara T

ISBN : 9780073513812

Mirror for Humanity: A Concise Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Kottak, Conrad Phillip

ISBN : 9780078117084


Miller, Stephen A; Harley, John P

ISBN : 9780077837273

Corporate Finance

Ross, Stephen A.; Westerfield, Randolph W; Jaffe, Jeffrey; Jordan, Bradford D

ISBN : 9780077861759