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In Other Words

Baker, Mona

ISBN : 9781138666887

Not Available
Principles of Finance with Excel

Benninga, Simon; Mofkadi, Tal

ISBN : 9780190296384

Not Available
The Essentials of Marketing Research

Silver, Lawrence ; Stevens, Robert E.; Wrenn, Bruce; Loudon, David L.

ISBN : 9780415899284

The New Meaning of Educational Change

Fullan, Michael

ISBN : 9781138641396

Not Available
Managing Change, Creativity and Innovation 3ed

Patrick Dawson and Constantine Andriopoulos

ISBN : 9781473964280

Not Available
Intelligence and the function of government

Daniel Baldino and Rhys Crawley

ISBN : 9780522871999

Not Available
The Cloud Security Ecosystem

Ryan Ko and Raymond Choo

ISBN : 9780128015957

Not Available