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The Cell Cycle: Principles of Control

The Cell Cycle: Principles of Control

ISBN 9780199577163
Edition 2 Rev ed
Publisher Oxford University Press
Publication Date
Cell division is a central biological process: it yields the cells required for development and growth, and supplies the replacement cells to repair and maintain old or damaged tissue. But how does this cell division occur? How is it regulated? And what are the consequences when regulation fails? The second edition of The Cell Cycle: Principles of Control provides an engaging insight into the process of cell division, bringing to the student a much-needed synthesis of a subject entering a period of unprecedented growth as an understanding of the molecular mechanisms underlying cell division are revealed. The book gives the student a complete overview of the process of cell division - from chromosome duplication through mitosis, cytokinesis, and meiosis - before exploring how cell proliferation is controlled, and how the cell cycle responds to DNA damage. Finally, the book examines the intrinsic relationship between the cell cycle and cancer, and how a detailed understanding of the cell cycle may lead to new specific therapies to treat the disease. An understanding of the cell cycle is central to an understanding of biological systems and processes. The Cell Cycle: Principles of Control is the ideal resource for any student wishing to develop a sound grasp of this vitally important subject. Online Resource Centre The Online Resource Centre to accompany The Cell Cycle features: For students: * Links to useful online resources provided by research laboratories For registered adopters of the book: * Figures from the book available to download * Journal Clubs providing suggested papers and discussion questions linked to topics in the book

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