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The Centenary Companion to Australian Federation

The Centenary Companion to Australian Federation

ISBN 9780521573146
Publication Date
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Published to mark the centenary of Federation, this important book explores Australia's national origins in a comprehensive and accessible way. A high-calibre team of writers has been gathered to write the first ever comprehensive, general history of Federation. Starting from the perspective of the individual colonies as they made their way towards membership of the Australian Commonwealth in 1901, the book also provides cross-referenced short alphabetical entries covering key events, people and concepts. It approaches Federation not simply as a formal political story, but as a social and cultural process, maintaining the relevance of nation-making by highlighting ongoing debates about democracy, sovereignty and progressive citizenry. A major contribution to the Centenary of Federation, this book should become a standard reference for scholars, students and general readers in the continuing discussions of Australia's future as a nation.

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