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The CERT Guide to System and Network Security Practices

The CERT Guide to System and Network Security Practices

ISBN 9780201737233
Publisher Addison-Wesley Educational Publishers Inc
Publication Date
Now, the world's leading information security response organization has written the ultimate guide to system and network security for working administrators. SEI's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) offers a practical, start-to-finish approach to developing secure networks, covering every stage of the process: planning, implementation, maintenance, intrusion detection, response, recovery, and beyond. Reflecting CERT's role as the world's #1 computer security response team, this book presents up-to-the-minute information on new attacks, viruses, and other IT security threats. Coverage includes: establishing effective security practices and policies, deploying firewalls, securing network servers and public web servers, security desktop workstations, intrusion detection, response, and recovery. This book not only shows how to enhance computer security today: it shows how to learn from experience to build even more secure systems tomorrow. For all system and network professionals, and other IT professionals concerned with security.
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