The Chemistry and Biology of Winemaking

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The Chemistry and Biology of Winemaking 9780854042661

ISBN : 9780854042661
Publisher : Royal Society of Chemistry
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview Someone once said that 'wine is a mixture of chemistry, biology and psychology'. It has certainly fascinated people over the centuries and without a doubt been enjoyed by many. Indeed, from its serendipitous roots as an attempt to store fruit, wine has been woven into the fabric of society; from its use in religion to today's sophisticated products sampled over a meal. The Chemistry and Biology of Winemaking not only discusses the science of winemaking but also aims to provide the reader with a wider appreciation of the impact of oenology on human society. Beginning with a history of wine the book discusses a wide range of topics, with particular emphasis on the organisms involved. Starting with the role of yeast in fermentation, it goes on to discuss so-called 'killer yeasts', lactic acid bacteria and the role that genetically modified organisms may have in the future. This book is ideal for anyone interested in the process of winemaking and will be of particular use for those with an interest in the chemical and biological sciences.



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