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The Chinese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Chinese Culture

The Chinese Mind: Understanding Contemporary Chinese Culture

ISBN 9780804840118
Publication Date
Publisher Tuttle Publishing
A fascinating examination of contemporary Chinese Culture, "The Chinese Mind" offers an informative, accessible look at the values, attitudes, and behavior patterns of modern China - and their roots in the history of this ancient nation. The most vital concepts for understanding China and the Chinese are explored here, including: Yin and Yang - the search for balance in all things, Mianji - the importance of face, Hong - looking at things holistically, De - the power of virtue, Guo cui - the national essence of the Chinese, Zhong fu - the pursuit of insight, and, Bi - unity the Chinese way.This excellent overview of Chinese tradition, history, and culture is perfect for the classroom, for tourists or outsiders living or doing business in China, and for inspiring discussion among Chinese readers. Covering everything from the importance of Confucius, the great Chinese philosopher, to the influence of foreign fast food and video games, this book provides a wide-ranging glimpse into the Chinese mind.

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