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The Complete Book of Australian Weather

Course Codes : ENS00203

The Complete Book of Australian Weather

ISBN 9781741757347
Publication Date
Publisher Allen & Unwin
Do you need to take an umbrella today? Will the price of bananas go up this week? Will the cyclone reach our town? From the most mundane daily decisions to matters of life and death, the weather affects our lives intimately. Drawing on the latest scientific research, The Complete Book of Australian Weather explains climate zones and weather patterns across the continent. Australia has some of the most extreme weather patterns of any country in the world. We discover the science behind the devastating bushfires and cyclones, the willy willies and the southerly buster, and the cyclical droughts caused by the El Nino phenomenon. We explore why Australia is particularly vulnerable to climate change, and how we can harness the forces of nature for green energy. Lavishly illustrated with colour photographs and diagrams, this is a fascinating and comprehensive guide for keen weather watchers, families and students.

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