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The Developing Child

The Developing Child

ISBN 9780205315222
Publisher Pearson Education Ltd.
Designed for topical courses in Child Development, offered in departments of psychology, education, family studies and child care. The Developing Child, Ninth Edition, is a best-selling topical child development book known for its personal, conversational writing style; balanced coverage of both theory and application and strong emphasis on culture. Helen Bee is a prominent author and researcher whose successful books on child and lifespan development, and whose lifelong devotion to these fields, have earned her an international reputation. *An informal style that uses the first person narrative voice and many personal anecdotes from the author's life and experience. *An emphasis on cultural variation, with frequent contrasts between collectivist and individualistic cultural systems. *Pedagogical features including critical thinking questions in the margins and annotated lists of suggested readings at the end of chapters *New In Part 4, 'The Thinking Child,' chapter on intelligence now comes after the chapter on cognitive structure. *New discussion of Siegler's new model for the development of strategies (Ch. 6), Sroufe's branching-tree conceptualization of developmental psychopathology (Ch. 15), and expanded discussion of Vygotsky's theory.

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