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The End of the Cold War in North East Asia

The End of the Cold War in North East Asia

ISBN 9780582871021
Publisher Pearson Education Australia (Tertiary)
The Cold War in Asia has ended, and new strategic, political and economic issues confront the region. This book reviews the legacies that remain from the past, such as the division in Korea and the maintenance of a separate regime in Taiwan. The text examines the role of such countries as America in the post-Cold War era, and asks what the response of the North East Asian Powers will be to the changing political and strategic relations which exist between them and the rest of the world. There are over 20 contributors to this publication - all specialists in international relations, including Dr. Gerald Segal and Professor Takaski Inoguchi, who are internationally recognized as key people in North East Asian studies. The text also looks at the reintegration of China into the Pacific community and the implications this will have for the countries in the region and considers whether Korean unification will follow the German Pattern.

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