The Environment in Corporate Management: New Directions and Economic Insights

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The Environment in Corporate Management: New Directions and Economic Insights 9781843764533

Course Codes : ECON3323
ISBN : 9781843764533
Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Edition : New ed
Overview This book asks an important question of how management of the environment may benefit firms. The authors take an objective, neutral perspective on the extent to which environmental issues should, or should not, be addressed within the management of business corporations. The Environment in Corporate Management includes an up-to-date treatment of business practices, norms and standards, using the tools of microeconomic and industrial organisation analysis to provide an ordered and consistent picture. The analysis is couched within stakeholder theory, which determines how costs and benefits are defined for the firm. Utilising the most recent information the book also focuses on the underlying long-term trends. Actual examples and case studies illustrate the discussions. The authors conclude by highlighting the inevitable need to link environment and finance, for better stakeholder relationships and business performance. This unique book is written clearly and accessibly, but with a firm grounding in academia to challenge scholars and researchers in areas including environmental studies, business, economics and finance. Practitioners will also find the book of great interest.


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