The Information Society: A Sceptical View

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The Information Society: A Sceptical View 9780745626857

ISBN : 9780745626857
Publisher : Polity Press
Author(s) :
Publication Date :
Overview In this timely new book, Christopher May surveys some of the most influential and important writings that declare we are entering a new information age. It is frequently asserted that this will bring about a social transformation and that the character of work is being transformed by the widespread deployment of information and communication technologies. In a similar manner we are told the world of politics is changing, with new communities emerging which will alter the practices of politics in profound and novel ways, and which will significantly reduce the role of the state and government. Each of these claims is subjected to a detailed critique. Christopher May suggests that while there have clearly been some major and important changes prompted by the information technology revolution, these are often changes only in the forms of activity and not their substance. The information age represents some marked and important continuities with previous social practices, rather than the overthrow of all that has gone before. This sceptical view balances and moderates the often hysterical celebration of the new information society - a celebration which, the author argues, often lapses into an apologia for modern capitalism. The Information Society will be of particular interest to students in sociology, politics, political economy, media and cultural studies and information studies.

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