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The Law of Equitable Remedies

The Law of Equitable Remedies

ISBN 9781552210420
Publication Date
Publisher Irwin Law Inc
The Law of Equitable Remedies is a book designed for practitioners, students, or anyone looking for a discussion of principles that underlie the application of major equitable remedies, including interlocutory injunctions, permanent injunctions, specific performance, equitable compensation, equitable damages, and rectification. In each of these areas the reader will find a discussion of the leading cases and principles, supported by academic commentary. In introducing each equitable remedy, Professor Berryman begins with a discussion of the general principles governing the courts' discretion to award the remedy, including defences that may be made. This is followed by a discussion of the specific application of the remedy in common fact contexts. The Law of Equitable Remedies will appeal to both private and public lawyers. The injunction section contains extensive coverage of the availability of injunctions to uphold public rights. Emerging areas of law are covered in the chapters on specific performance, including the availability of specific performance under the International Sale of Goods Convention, modern approaches to enforcing contracts of personal service, and the enforcement of contracts by injunctions.

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