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ISBN 9780132347099
Publication Date
Publisher Prentice-Hall
The Linux A-Z is a unique publication that guides the computer literate student on the Linux learning ladder to gain an understanding of this popular operating system at all levels. Linux is a POSIX conformant operating system kernel that is freely available on the Internet for anybody to use. This availability has captured the imagination of students and computing enthusiasts throughout the world, and its popularity has rocketed as a result. The Linux A-Z provides the fundamental basis for all your Linux activity, from basic user, through systems administration, to applications and systems programming - all in a single volume.Divided into five progressive levels of advancement, this exciting text allows the reader to learn according to his or her existing knowledge: Basic guides readers with no UNIX experience and introduces them to Linux as ordinary users. Administration leads the reader through the acquisition, installation and configuration of a Linux system, and describes how to be an effective systems administrator. System programming assumes a knowledge of C programming and covers the important aspects of the Linux system call interface as viewed from an application program - it includes three complete case studies. Device drivers provides the interface between the Linux kernel and the hardware of the machine, including a case study that presents a simple device driver in source code; Internals examines selected topics on Linux internals, where a simple user thread library is presented in the form of a case study.

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